Auto Chess Legends is a strategy game mixed with chess, that emphasises fast and fluid gameplay: Auto fight across an 8x8 field chessboard using heroes as your game pieces. How you play your pieces matters, far more than how fast you can tap!


Inspired by a very popular custom map of DOTA 2: DotA Auto Chess. The game will take you to battles that require high tactics and the ability to make decisions at the right time. In this chaotic world, only one King could sit on the throne. Lead your warriors (chess pieces) to fight and become the last King survive on the chess board.


  • Real-time fast-paced mini-tournament battles against players from across the world
  • Fight across an 8x8 field mimicking a chessboard using familiar heroes as your game pieces
  • Combine pieces for different synergies and tactics with 56+ legendary heroes
  • Less twitch-heavy gameplay, more strategy and nuance: Pieces fight automatically, but where you place them and who you place determines victory.
  • Unlock and collect new, powerful Kings, each with a signature attack and SUPER ability
  • Epic updates and Events every week. Auto Chess Legends is always expanding
  • Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings


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Auto Chess Legends Credits

Giang Coi
Bot Leader, Game Designer, Imba Games
Hiep Dang
Developer, Imba Games
Musician, Freelancer